The biggest myth about DevOps might not be what you think…

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“DevOps is just for Developers and System Administrators.”

Yes, I said it. Despite the increasingly widespread adoption of DevOps culture in various IT organizations, lots of people still consider DevOps is something for developers and system administrators to deal with, which is obviously far from the truth and contradicts with the basic philosophy of DevOps.

Most of us know DevOps is not a team or a job title, So what DevOps actually is? It is a culture that defines how we think and work as a team and how we communicate with each other to acheive the ultimate goal of providing value to the end-user by delivering high-quality software.

All roles in an organization must contribute to foster an environment where teams communicate better and work more efficiently, including roles that are not involved in Software development and deployment.

If the project/product managers, system analysts, security experts, architects and anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the company, behaves apathetic, is not helping in promoting the culture.

Tell me about your experiences with practicing the DevOps culture and how good is the communication between different teams in your company.